Close-up views of people a bit creepy?



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    Thank you for your comment and sharing your idea with us! Atmoph Window 2 can connect to the world by displaying Views, and users also can feel connected to the "place" being displayed by seeing the View through Atmoph Window 2. We have also Views of people working etc. as you said. You may think these Views are different from the Views we have added so far, but we also think that these Views could be a device that connects people to each other as well.
    With the increase in remote work, some people may work alone or spend the day without seeing anyone. Of course, it is better to actually meet people, but we would be happy if some users like these Views as a device that connects people through Atmoph Window 2.
    However, since the main concept of this product is a window that connects to the world, we would like to continue to add more Views from around the world!

    Thanks again for letting us know your valuable voice. If you have any other requests or idea, we’re really glad to hear it!


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