Upload - Do I need to get a new code every time I upload?


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    Thank you for your comment. The upload site (View Studio) asks you to sign in again after a certain amount of time. As you sign in with your Atmoph account in View Studio on your PC or Mac, you can upload even if you are not near the Atmoph Window 2. Once the upload is complete in View Studio, you can see the uploaded Views on your Atmoph Window 2. If any error codes appears when you upload, the video size may not be supported. Please check your video again if it's supported.

    • Single: 1080px × 1920px or 2160px × 3840px
    • Panorama: 3840px × 2160px
    • Format:mp4/mov file with encoring H.264 or H.265
    • Size: original file should be under 5GB
    • Length: more than 1 min and within 15min

    Note that edited videos and images are not supported.
    If the error code keeps appearing, we'll check your uploading status. Please contact to our support team, contact@atmoph.com, and let us know the details along with your Atmoph account.


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